I was sleeping with my mother and brother in a room that was near the doorway. I woke up around 2:30 am and I saw a man standing in front of me…he stood motionless looking at me. I turned quickly and awakened my mother, but he immediately disappeared.

A week later, I was in my room and the door was opened. I saw the same man passing by my room and heading to my mother's room. I rushed to the room and it was empty expect for a black cat standing next to the bed…I was terrified because no way this cat would come in, the door and windows were closed! I went out and called my brother to kick it out of the house, but the cat was gone by the time we were there!

Sometimes at night I hear people calling my name, and I often wake up around 3:00 am as if someone is waking me up.

Till now, I have no explanation to what is happening to me. I would like to hear your opinions dear readers and whether there is someone who has been in the same situation.