About Us

"Kabbos" is an Arabic word that translates to "nightmare" in English. Our site deals with horror stories and strange topics and tries to present a glimpse into the minds of people in the Middle East and their thoughts and believes concerning the world of paranormal and psychic phenomena. As well as exploring stories and articles about the brutes and murderers of the east, and the sick twisted criminal minds that devised them. So for those horror fans that had enough of western horror and its ghosts, haunted houses and serial killers, can now be introduced to a new world full of dark narrow alleyways, spooky cemeteries and old buildings fragranced with a bouquet of incense and oud.

Obviously, we don't assert the truthfulness of whatever you read in our site, we do post about the paranormal, but that doesn't mean that we believe in everything that is posted here, in fact, we lean more towards the logical explanation when dealing with whatever topic that is unnatural or illogical. We know by experience that the human brain is full of contradictions, doubts, obsessions and deviations that can increasingly grows into scary monsters that would deprive the eyes of comfortable sleep.

Lastly, we welcome all dear horror fans who would like to share their stories, writings and experiences with us, and invite them to send their topics to the following email address:

[email protected]